Give me some suggestions, por favor!

I have a gift card to amazon.com, and I'm very torn on what to use it on.

Here are a few of the things I'm looking at, but I'd love your suggestions!

Inkdeath- the final book in the Inkheart trilogy. LOVE these books, and I have the first two, so I know I want to add this one to my set.

Should I go ahead and preorder this?

I've heard good things about this book. Is it one I would want permanently in my own library, though, or should I just check out a copy from the public library? (You know, assuming I ever pay off my fines that I seem to accrue every time I get the last fines paid off.)

I'm pretty sure I'm going to get one of these, since I got one of these for my birthday.
Decisions, decisions.

If you have any other ideas, send 'em on to this girl! :)


  1. If ever one of the choices is JK Rowling related, I'm gonna go with that one :) Can't wait for Beedle. It broke my heart to read the last Harry novel.

  2. Lucky you! Well, I can tell you what's on my Amazon wish list:

    Love Life Collected (Barteski)
    The Art of Possibility (Zander)
    Creative License (Gregory)
    Cranium Big Book of Outrageous Fun
    The Storm Gourmet (Nikolopolous)

    Have fun spending your gift card!

  3. my wishlist at amazon in huge, i won't even go there....

    what a tough decision! have fun choosing!

  4. Give it to a friend that will in turn make you a yummy pumpkin roll ;)

  5. I just got another order from Amazon... have to keep my UPS man on his toes.

    I did get Ali Edward's book on Mini albums in that order. Read it cover to cover. Have you read the Twilight Saga... 4 books? Teen vampire series. Fun reading!I always post my current book on my blog.

    I don't know the 1st book you mentioned and will have to look it up and see if it grabs me.

    I avoid the library as I always have fines... always!
    Have fun choosing!

  6. It just so happens that I bought a copy of The Creative Family for the library and it is sitting on the shelf. I would suggest checking it out, because it's very cute and has some fun projects, but I think you would find that its more like a magazine than something you would sit down and read over and over. Hope this helps!!!!


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