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[I am totally copying sweet Heather with this blog design- I hope she doesn't mind!]

The blog design comes from here: Gosu Blogger Templates and is called the Notepad Chaos Template. The way you install it is different from some of the other ones out there- it's an XML template, which means you have to download a file from that site and save it somewhere handy on your computer.

Once you have it downloaded, you will go into your blogger dashboard and click layout, then edit html, and then there is a place that says "upload a template from your harddrive." You'll click browse and then find it wherever you've saved it, and then upload.

Let me warn you- before you do that, you'll want to save a copy of your original template just in case, because you will lose most of your links and stuff once you switch over. To save a copy of your original template, on the same place that you were before (dashboard>layout>edit html), you'll download your full template on the handy button that is there. Then if you need to, you can go back into that later and find your links.

Another thing to note with this template- once you install it, the little tabs on the side of each entry will say "undefined" and not the date of the entry until you do this: go to Settings >> Formatting >> TimeStamp Format and click on the 4th option down on the timestamp format and save it. :)

There are a lot of little things you'll need to adjust and play with for your sidebar links, and if anyone needs help with that, email me at 2blackflipflops@gmail.com and I'll try to help ya! I'll be doing the same thing over the next few days so hopefully I'll figure out any problems along the way.

Here are some easy to follow directions for XML layouts in case mine are confusing!

Here are some more templates that you install the same way:

XML Blogger Templates

I really really liked this one too: Butterfly Theme

which came from this site that has TONS more: Blogger Templates


  1. thanks for sharing!! i found one i really liked, but didn't know how to install it. now if i can just figure out how to add stuff to it!! hmm...we'll see!!

  2. I love the new design. Thanks, now I think mine is boring...so I will add that to the list of things I need to do!

  3. wow, you look so HOT in that picture.

    I also like the butterfly one. I mean, butterflies...what a shocker!

  4. arggggh! in my neverending search for a cute cute blog, you've hit the nail on the head! I've decided that I just want to BE you, and then all my issues will go away! hehe! Seriously, this is one ADORABLE blog and I'm so very jealous that you found it and not me! i LOVE it! It looks great!

  5. how about if you just do it for me? Thanks. xoxo

  6. i love this background. it's great.

  7. i saw this one a while back and i loved it but i am not taking a chance just yet of having to reload all my links..that is work...lol

    your blog is looking good sista


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