7 Things You Wish You Never Knew About Me


tagged me, so here goes!

1. I've dyed my hair black, red, blond, blue, and purple. Most of those were just streaks. Some of them might or might not have been done with Kool-Aid.

2. I have a very overactive imagination and often concoct elaborate plots to explain simple things, all based on one small fact, like inventing brothels existing in apartment complexes.

3. Favorite movies include Amelie, 10 Things I Hate About You, Garden State, the Royal Tenenbaums, and the Nightmare Before Christmas. No, I haven't really watched any new movies since having children, thanks for asking.

4. I have erased this "strange fact" about me 3 times right now, afraid that I'm oversharing on the internet. Don't worry, nothing juicy, but just stuff that probably sounds a lot weirder than it really is. I hope.

5. I do not drink hot drinks, i.e. coffee or tea, unless I am very very very cold, and then it can only be hot chocolate. "Very very very cold" by my definition means less than 68 degress. I mentioned my hot chocolate addiction last year on my blog and a couple of sweet friends brought me the hook up in hot chocolate. :) I've been saving it for this winter and I"m about to break some out today. Thanks, friends!

6. I just got my hair done in "Sleeping Booty's Salon." It included head bands done rambo style, ponytail holders as bracelets and rings, and several barrettes. I would've taken a picture by my stylist decided to take it all out.

7. I went to the park with my kids the other day with the main purpose of getting pictures of them. Playing was just icing on the cake.

Just kidding. Sort of. ;)

(the credit for this cool pic of Em goes to Katie!)

Playing with Free Totally Rad Actions.


  1. you kids are beautiful. love the pics and the random facts.

  2. I always love when you do random viginia facts!!! :) And oh.my.gosh - em + red jacket = gorgeous!!! And speaking of hot chocolate - I'm bringing a can of the yummy white hot chocolate to wrappers delight!! woo hoo

  3. ohh love these facts and now I am going to use some odd fact to replace the one that is missing -- hehe!

  4. i am so with you on the hot drinks thing. only hot chocolate. never tea or coffee. yuck. :)

  5. Beautiful photos. They are lovely children. Seriously. Even prettier in person - if you can imagine that.

  6. Love your randomness, V! :D And these pictures . . . BEYOND stunning! What beautiful children!

  7. LOL!!!!! That is awesome Virginia! Seriously laughing so hard :)

    And those pictures are beautiful. Emerson looks so old and mature.


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