10 Days 'til Halloween...

my brother showed me this yesterday... I had a good laugh over it. We used to watch Mary Poppins all the time as kids.

The funny thing is, the song they have playing at the beginning- the one Mary is singing- I sing to my kids at bedtime.

It kind of has a different feeling to it now.


  1. THAT is really funny and scary at the same time. I could just hear the Wicked Witch of the West music playing in the background. I love Mary Poppins!!! She's really my favorite Disney character. I always stalk her at Magic Kingdom to try to get a good picture. And on our first trip - I met her and have a picture of me and Cole with her. She rocks!!!

  2. I love this! But no matter how many times I see it, I just can't picture MP all that spooky. Maybe it's because I saw the movie too many times and I know all the parts and what they are meant to mean... know what I mean?
    Sorry... I'm tardatiousness.
    It is a very spooky song tho... If I close my eyes and listen to it it creeps me out!


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