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1. As a kid, my mom told me that diamonds could cut through any substance and were super sharp. I always thought that if she accidentally brushed her wedding ring against my skin, she would cut me.

2. We just got cable tv for the first time in our marriage. (We had a tv for the first year or two of marriage, but only 3 channels. Then we had no tv for a very long time... until football season 2008 started and I wanted my hubs to be able to watch the games here at home instead of at a friend's house. It has NOTHING to do with new seasons of LOST or Survivor or the Bachelor or Gossip Girl or Big Brother or What Not to Wear or the Office.)

3. I have a hard time concentrating on things without multitasking. Like, I can't watch a tv show without folding laundry or scrapbooking. Or take a bath without reading. Or wash dishes without talking on the phone. Pretty much the ONLY thing I can concentrate on by itself is scrapbooking, which rather lends itself to multitasking anyways.

4. My birthday is at the end of the month and I've already been thinking about it for a few weeks. I love birthdays. I think one of the reasons I love mine so much is because I feel like it officially starts "autumn." And then it's time for clothes that I like and cool days and Halloween and feeling snuggly inside my house and hot chocolate and cinnamon and crunchy leaves.

5. I really want a tattoo on my shoulder blades of two wings with the word "Sojourner" between them. I've wanted this for about 6 years. My brother is supposed to do the artwork for this. I wonder if I will ever get the courage to go get the tats.

(images via deviantart and flickr-spaceninja)

6. One of my best friends is also my aunt, but if I introduce her to someone I usually call her my sister since she is the youngest of my mom's siblings and my mom is the oldest. I think it's kind of funny that my best friend once wiped my bum & changed my diaper.

7. I used to read Gen-X comic books as a kid because of the influence of my brother.

(art via Chiaki)(I also used to read Batman comics. Batman is my favorite super-hero because he's just a regular dude WITHOUT actual superpowers trying to better the world. Spidey always got on my nerves, and don't even mention Superman to me.)


  1. I love when you get tagged - I always learn something cool. So when is your birthday? Mine is the 18th!!

  2. Are all your blogs your own buisness's? They are all wonderful. Marla and I love to scrapbook. We are so far behind though, seems like an endless project, well I guess thats exactly what it is!! Do you love Alabama? I have lived all over and I'm not sure Utah is my favorite. We are planted here for now, my kids are not anxious to move again! I'm sure we'll be back to get great scrapbooking ideas!!! Love, The Tipsy Girl Tonia

  3. Love these things about you.
    Love that last picture!!!!

  4. thanks for doing the tag - loved finding out new stuff about you!

    i think you should totally get that tat - how cool!?!

  5. I'm so glad I'm not the only person who HAS to multitask!!! I cannot sit still and watch TV or just do any one thing either. It drives me crazy!!! I always thought I had a mild form of ADD but "multitasker" sounds much better. =)

    Our birthdays must be pretty close. Mine's the 28th. =)


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