Scrap Etc. Online Crop Challenge!

I'm back & unpacking from our trip to MS to see Kim & Quinn, but I sneaked away from the piles of laundry to post my challenge at the online crop on Scrap Etc.

Here's the details:

They're easy, but always a good source of inspiration... the place I tend to always get stuck at on a layout is the actual design... so what better than to have the design already done for you?!

What am I talking about? Sketches, of course!

Here are a few of my favorite sketch sites:


And to really get your creativity going, I've created a special sketch just for you guys today!

Use this sketch as the jumping point for your layout... you can copy it exactly, turn it on its side, or just use a part of it. (The colors are just to make the sketch look pretty- you can use any colors you want!)

If you want to get into a little mess today, the splotches along the left side of the layout represent paint- so break out those acrylic paints!

Post your image to our gallery and link back to this thread with it! I'll give y'all until Tuesday @ midnight to do it! I'll send a fun little prize pack for the winer!


  1. thanks-you're right! I've got nothing to lose(by opening an etsy shop) I didn't like the 1st journal I made, but I tried something new, I should have practiced it first, but that's ok, the next ones will be better:) and I love your blog-as you can see by my links, I find new ones I love every day-if only I would quit clicking on those links I would get some more projects done!have a great evening

  2. cool sketch. Thanks for the links. I might have to give sketches a try this week.

    Have a great one!


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