6 Quirky Things

Remember how I had y'all vote for my friend Katie in the BHG Scrapbooks Etc. contest? Well she made it to the FINALS!!! WOOHOO!

Since I have the best blog readers out there, I know I can count on you... I need you to go vote every single day through next week so she can bring home the big grand prize.

Go here and vote. This is her album: You can see more pics of it here! (Click "next" on the top of the yellow bar- it's a slide show.)

I knew I could count on you all... and to sweeten the deal, every time you vote, come back to this post and leave a comment... I will add your name to a drawing each time you do that, and send you a goodie bag at the end of the week!

Thank you guys!


Heather tagged me... I'm supposed to share 6 quirky things about me. I have a serious lack of imagination today, so it's going to be more like "6 kind of boring but maybe a little interesting facts about me."

After the bazillions of tags going around (I know I still have at least 2 other ones to post here), I'm starting to run out of material! I mean, I know I've got a lot of weird habits, but a girl only has SO many secrets she can share on the internet.

1. I hate hate hate hate talking on the phone. I'd much rather instant message, email, text, etc. However, I have run over my cell phone minutes several times this year.

2. I didn't start making my bed every morning until 2006.

3. I found my first gray hair last night.

4. I was homeschooled K-12 and got my Bachelor's in Elementary Education.

5. I have a not-so-secret affinity for young adult fiction.... if I go back to school after my kids are grown up, I will get my degree in library sciences and run a young adult department in a library. Until then (although I doubt I will ever actually pursue that path), I grasp at times that I can concentrate enough to read and update my goodreads.

6. I watched this last night. Twice. Wow. Ahem. Very..... dancy. And awkward.

I tag some of my old school gals: Michelle, Missy, Kim, Delilah, Ali, and the other Ali (aka Mrs. Weasley, although I will fight her for that title)


  1. hi there! congrats to your friend for reaching the finals-it's a wonderful album :) I went to vote and clicked on the pick of the album that said the number of votes under her album, is that all i do? or am i missing something? thanks!!

  2. Why would you think that I have any quirks?

    Ok...I am with you on the young adult fiction thing...I am THOROUGHLY enjoying the Twilight series. It makes me feel young :)

  3. I voted! And I had to laugh at your list...I was homeschooled k-12 -2 (fresh and soph years in public school) and I'd already been...um...intrigued? by that youtube video!

  4. I, too, saw that horrendous video with the moonwalking man and stared at it, horrified. And then I had to watch it with Quinn.
    That's not the choreography I'd like to participate with.

  5. I voted. I love her work. OK, the video was very strange. I could not decide if it was current and was influenced by Dancing With the Stars or if it was just an old strange video. They could start a new series "Dancing For Jesus".

    I love your six quirky things. BTW, I hate to talk on the phone too!

    Linda B.

  6. Gotta love anything Katie does - I voted today 09/14/08.

  7. Oh my...I'm still watching it with a dumbfounded look on my face. Are they serious?

  8. YAY! I was able to vote again today!

  9. Well that was quite a trip, but I made it! When to linked site, clicked on vote now, had to register. No problem, went to that link. Registered my name, email and pw. Problem! I'm already register on sister site BHG.com. Problem! I don't remember registering let alone what my pw is! Tried a couple at random. No luck! Typed in email in the forgot pw link, waited for email and wa-la! There was my pw! Went back to registeration site, registered with correct pw, hit vote now and voted! NO PROBLEM! Now I'll have to be sure and continue voting to make it worth my while!

  10. It was much easier today! I didn't even have to sign in...So-o-o-o...I VOTED!!!


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