I'm just not up to it.

Blogging today, that is.

So here's your chance... a Q&A session.

Oh yes. I'm sure many of you are dying to ask me questions. "Many of you" being the 8 people or so that leave comments. hehe

Ask me some questions... I don't care. Just give me something to blog about because my brain is totally fried at this point.


Please don't embarrass me, folks. I'm trusting you. Yikes.


  1. ok, i'll start :)

    how does your creative process start? do you choose pics you want to scrap and go from there or let products guide you to choose a pic to scrap?

    how did you choose the kids names? i love them, they are so unique!

    do you get to scrap when the kiddos are up or do you have to wait until after they go to bed?

    on average, how much time a week do you get to scrap?

    ok, i think that's enough to get you started ;)

  2. Hey girl!!!! I'll give you an easy one....

    Are you coming to the crop this weekend?? I will be there Friday... they even showed me how to run the register!!:-)

  3. I hear ya !! LOL on the peeing in the shower , so funny !!

    Did you guys ever do the Alabama thing yet ? With my little guys surgery on the 4th and also next Friday there was no way, but if you didnt do it yet then maybe in the fall, would still love to hang with ya' all !!

    TTYS !

  4. hey..i am new to your blog...love, love, love it!...how long have you been scrapbooking?...and, what is your favorite food, lol....

  5. hey there!...i am new to your blog...love it!...so, how long have you been scrapbooking?...and, a fun question, your favorite song?....

  6. 1. how about posting one of your first layouts!!! not really a question, but i would love to see how you have matured over time or if you have always been this awesome!

    2. who is your favorite 'celebrity' scrapbooker. or your favorite place to go for scrap inspiration.

    3. where do you buy your clothes? you always look so trendy in your pictures...

    4. Favorite hobby besides scrapbooking?

    5. Last one, how much sleep do you get on a typical night? I have a 2yo - and i honestly have no idea how on earth you manage your 3!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!

  7. Seriously, How the heck do you keep all that stuff organized? Your art room is always clean. I think I would spend way more time being creative if it wasn't such a pain to clean up. You should do a little tutorial about organizing your art supplies.

    Actually, I change my question to...Will you please come over and organize me a nice art desk? :)jk

    Also, why the hell are you practically perfect in every way. Answer that Mary Poppins! :)

  8. Michelle's last comment has me ROFL!
    I was wondering the same, but Michelle just puts it so colorfully!!!

    My question is how do you store all of your creations? Do you have a cazillion scrapbooks or what do you do?

    And please answer Abbey's question. You know you want to!

  9. Ok, I love the question about your first layout. (only because I have seen it, and mine is VERY similar!)

    Here's a question from me..........if you could do something, just for you, (nothing in consideration: money, kids, hubby, nada) just for you! What would it be?

  10. I don't have a question for you...mainly 'cause I can't think of one on the fly (at this particular moment in time) that would make you giggle and piddle your pants a bit.

    BUT! I have started reading Twilight, and oh me-oh-my I am ba da, ba, ba, ba Lovin' It! Why has it taken me so long to finally read this? I mean, I worked in a bookstore...in the Children's/Teen section...for goodness graciousness!

    Anyway. I thought you would appreciate the importance of this fact.

    The End.

  11. What is your favorite product or company;

    Who do you dream of meeting in this field; and

    when is the best time for you to scrapbook and ok last one: are you a morning or night person

  12. Why don't you show us your gorgeous 12 fRidays LO(s)?! the one on Heather's blog is GORGEOUS! I wanna see more more more!!!

  13. You know any good jokes?

    You are lovely, Virginia!!


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