How to be Disorganized & Unproductive

If you're not reading this series and I already mentioned it once, what the heck is wrong with you??!!

Here's a lovely gem from today's post:

The definition of a perfect home manager is not getting gold stars in cleaning, productivity, and organizing. Our homes are a means to an end, not the end in themselves. They’re the haven for the people we love the most. They’re where relationships flourish and grow. Those matter. Not the walls.

Today's post has to do with striving for perfection. OH, how much I desire this. Yes, I totally buy into the lie that if my house was perfectly cleaned & organized I would be so very happy. I have to really work myself up and convince myself that this is not the key to happiness.... but it's hard not to believe it. And it's doubly hard not to work myself into a frenzy every day trying to keep my house clean and perfect looking and then get angry at the kids for messing up my little kingdom.

Read today's post at Simple Mom if you struggle with this. If you struggle with grace in your life. If you every try to be perfect at anything and yet fail, fail, fail. You will find some comfort, solace, and encouragement there.

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  1. V!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG V! So happy to see you, well you kwim!! lol

    You have 3 babies now!! Get it girl! :)

    I feel your pain of the need for perfection. In my house I've finally realized, that i must just stop nagging everyone to clean, because it just won't get done. I just do it myself and then feel happy for accomplishing something...but unfortch, it gets messsy in minutes. Ah, and that's the way it is chicka.

    Miss you and all my 'bama girlziez.
    wow, it's been a while.



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