Four Things

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4 places I visit over and over

1. Chic-A-Lay (as Em calls it): we used to eat there a lot more... trying to save cash these days
2. Scrap Etc.: this is a given, right?
3. CPC: Our church
4. Library: gotta have my good reads!

4 people who call/email/text me regularly

1. Shaun
2. Ginge
3. Katie
4. Kari Ann

4 favorite foods/drinks

1. Diet Dr. Pepper - with crushed ice- from Sonic
2. Chick Fil A sandwiches
3. Chocolate anything
4. Combos (preferably Pretzel & Cheese, but I'll take Cracker & Cheese too)

4 places I'd rather be

1. Scrapping at my desk
2. In a clean, calm, decluttered home
3. Traveling in Europe with the Hubs
4. Dont' really have another one- I seem to be pretty happy right here!

4 movies I'd watch over and over

1. The Princess Bride
2. Harry Potter ... any of them!
3. Amelie
4. Garden State

4 bands/groups/musicians

1. Over the Rhine
2. Cloud Cult
3. Regina Spektor
4. Imogen Heap

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