Check out my bro! (ETA- and my kids!)

My little brother just opened an Etsy shop!

Go check it out here!

Macabre Ink

Warning- his art is probably considered "for mature audiences." It's got a rather dark edge to it, so be forewarned. ;)

Another warning- he's freaking amazing. Prepare for your eyes to be blown away.


Scrap Etc. was featured on Fox 6 last night- go here to see the video! You can see me & my kiddos on there, plus some of my friends!

Video here.


  1. Wow, I just noticed we're in the same state :) I'm from Florence, Alabama, up in the northwest corner :D

  2. How cool V!!! Your layouts all looked amazing!! ;)

  3. Virginia, that was so exciting. I wished I lived near the store. I just wish I had a scrapbook store near me.

    I did not see you but loved the page of the baby and the one of you and the kids. It was beautiful.

    Thanks for posting the link on your page. You are so amazingly techincal and talented.

    Linda B.

  4. Yay and Yay. I have been wanting to see his etsy shop so bad. And I loved those pictures of you guys! I told you that you're famous!


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