VBSing + Scripts

Here are my contributions towards this month's Scripts kit- you can check out the other lovelies here. Katie did an incredible Side Effect this month that is based on a Fancy Pants acrylic album- you really need to check it out! :)

We're hitting halfway through our week of the kids' very first VBS. It's been great fun, although it is SO busy for us. My house has been in shambles due to us being out the door by 8 and exhausted by the time we get home. It's been even busier, but fun, in the afternoons getting to spend some time with new friends and with Kim and the boys who got to come for a visit. :)

(Atticus is mostly content to let everything go by him, whereas Em gets her groove on during the music. ;) Once Atticus sees that I have the camera out, though, boy he turns it up for me!)


  1. love the layouts!! ya'll make it almost unbearable to wait for our scripts to be delivered!! :)

  2. Maybe if I scraplifted some of your pages I could actually get back in the swing of things. Love them all. As far as VBS, try being the director! My home looks like a cyclone hit it.

  3. Great los! Love the one of Sabriel.

  4. These are gorgeous! I love the baby power one especially! :-)

  5. Your kids are too cute! Love the hammin' it up picture! LOL! . . . Okay! Those projects for Scripts are just scrumptious!!!! Seriously, girl! I'd love to see your brain at work! Amazing!!!


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