weird kids

Things my kids have done and conversations we've had this week:

"Painted" my arm with foam brushes. When I asked what color they were painting, Em said, "Wipe" (=white). I guess she figured why change my Casper-y self.

Asked to smell my breath and then continuously did so for several minutes... just because I had finished eating an ice cream.

Me: "Em, you have to eat your dinosaurs before you can have a Bob." (Translation: eat your dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets before you have your VeggieTales fruit snacks)

After I drew a smiley face with the ketchup on Em's plate, she asked me to add a beard. I guess she's pretty influenced by her daddy. Hehe


  1. Love these! And we were just talking about the silly things our kids say! Now you've recorded yours, and i need to get on it!

  2. OMG, gorgeous pictures! I blogged about the cute things Ari said today too, how funny!

  3. Oh my...how do you get anything done? I would want to love on them all day.

  4. you need to do a mini album (maybe a clear on - like by fancy pants or whoever makes that kit we were looking at) with cool kid saying!! :) Your kids are so fun!!

  5. absolutely adorable blog and i shall be very upset if i do not get to see you when i come up in a few weeks.

  6. your kids are so stinkin' cute. i love these pics.

    i was wondering how you got your labels section of your side bar to look like that. the only option that blogger is giving me is in lists form?


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