Some big changes and busy-ness going on in our home this week...

Sabriel moved in with Em, and Atticus moved back into his old room.

Sabriel also started eating rice cereal.

Shaun is re-doing the floors (laying down pergo) in the girls' room.

I've been doing lots of reorganizing around the house.

And I mean, my lands... look at this mess that Sabriel made! ;)

I've also been working on some "layout a day" projects for Scrap Etc. We're offering a new layout every day this month... here are mine that will be available in kits at the store:

I'm planning on revising my weekly photoshop/photography tutorial that's one for various areas of stuff... I'm going to call it "Workshop Wednesday" and have various tutorials: craft, blog design, photoshop, and whatever else happens to be in my mind that week. Look for a new one next week!

Sorry dudes & dudettes for the lack of blogging in these parts lately... I'm preparing to go to the beach this weekend so I'm thinking I won't get a chance to update before then... I'll be back to my regularly scheduled programming soon!


  1. Great stuff!!!

    Can't believe how messy Sabriel is already!!!!

    Have fun at the beach!!!

  2. Poor Sabriel, already getting blamed for the older siblings' mess! :)

    Awesome layouts...can't wait to get 'em.

    Have a great time at the beach, and I want to see some beach layouts from you soon. :)

  3. Hope you have an awesome time at the beach!

    The layouts look great!

    Sabriel has the same Bumbo as Jackson! :-)

  4. You gave me a lot to chew on though. Have a great time at the beach.

  5. Wow. Sabriel is messy. And I can't believe how she has grown. When I saw the pictures (before I read it was her) I wondered who that big girl was. Amazing.
    I love the layouts. I want every single one of the kits. I already emailed Lucy to see how we can feed may addiction this month...
    Do you think I have a problem? Have a great time at the beach. You deserve it! And when you get back - leave me some love on my blog. I miss your comments. Or maybe I haven't checked comments in a while. Better go look. Sorry -I'm blogging in your comments again.

  6. Wow, Sabriel is so big! Sharing a room with Emerson, I must ask you about that... I'll email you! The layouts rock as usual, you've been a busy bee. Have a blast at the beach, I already wish I could go back!

  7. those layouts are FREAKING PHENOMENAL!!!!!


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