Ye Olde Weight Watchers

So, I decided to finally bite the bullet and sign up for Weight Watchers.

I did it before, many many many years ago, and had a lot of success with it.

I like that it's not a diet, but a lifestyle change.
I like that I still feel in control of what I'm eating.
I like that I feel like I get support.
I like their website with all the resources on there.

But most importantly, I like that I actually set a goal and reach it.

Anyways, please please please feel free to leave me any comments on any tips or favorite foods you do with WW. I'm not much of a cook, so simple = fabulous with me!

Here's what I've had so far today, and I've only had 8 points (out of my daily allotment of 22 points):

-Yummy granola bar for b'fast (3 points)

-Quesadilla of sorts (Mission Wheat Tortilla, Southwest Corn & Black Bean Salsa, Weight Watchers Mexican Cheese blend, Fat Free Sour Cream): 4 points

-And these yummy snack cakes (you get THREE in a little package!) for 1 point!

I'll probably have a Smart Ones meal for dinner... I'm trying to keep things really simple at the moment. I am really motivated to lose all this baby weight...especially after seeing some horribly unflattering photos of myself recently.

P.S. I'll be doing my little drawing this evening from the post about photography for all you sweeties that left a comment! Make sure to check back later!

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