Weight Watchers Update

Went in for my first weigh in after the initial sign up... lost 3.8 pounds! Woohoo!

My first little goal was to lose 5 lbs. before I go to the beach in June, so I totally think it's feasible. I'm so excited.

This weeks' low-points vices:

-Old London Garlic Melba crackers with low-fat cream cheese (I'm thinking of adding a little tomato to this- yum!)
-Snackwell's Devil Food cookies
-Hostess 100 calorie snack cakes
-Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches
-apple with fat-free caramel dip
-Hershey's Whole Bean chocolate bars
-Cherry Coke zero

I'm eating real foods too, of course, but my biggest problem area is snacking & sweets, so I had to make sure I was all stocked up on low-point options for those areas.


  1. That is the key...being stocked up. I am not stocked up so therefore have eaten a whole pan of brownies this week.
    NO wait, I gave some to my friend, so it was a whole pan minus 4! (8X8 size)

  2. Congrats! But secretly, I am pissed. PJ and I have just finished our 6th week on WW. He has lost 11.5 pounds and I have lost 1.4. I'm up and down, up and down. MADDENING.
    I like the new blog design!

  3. woohoo! Yay for you!! I may have to add these to my shopping list as well. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. hip hip hooray! No wait...you're losing those hips aren't you? Keep at it sista!


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