Marital Quiz

My husband sent this to me.

I'm not sure what he's trying to say.

(Click on it to see it bigger and the scores I gave myself.)

There are a bunch of comments I could make on this quiz, but the main one is- even if you got a perfect score, you would still end up a *poor wife.* Methinks this is a scam. *wink*

Here are some silly pics from my sweet girl.
She has grown so much lately. She's starting scooting herself around in small spurts. She loves to squeal as loud as she can . She totally reaches for stuff and has figured out how to pull a toy to make it react.

(Her playing with a little froggy that was mine as a baby.)
And her big deal lately is trying to mimic facial expressions.

Here's the coolest one- she is already giving kisses. As soon as I come into her room in the morning, she starts smacking her little lips and making these kissy faces. And she'll do it in reaction to me kissing her.

She's been getting a lot of lovin' around here. :)

And here are a few of my other boogers.

(Kim- Emerson loves her bathing suit. She tries to sneak it on at night underneath her pjs.)Em says this weird thing that I cannot figure out... any time she wears something with skinny straps, like a tank top or a bathingsuit, she calls her straps/shoulders her Carrots. I cannot figure out for the life of me where that came from!

My brother came over the other day and I looked at him, and then at Atticus, and said, "Sit down. I have to take a picture of this."How weird is it that their clothes match perfectly?? I swear to you on all of my scrapbooking supplies, I did not plan this.

I would love to put Atticus' hair in a faux-hawk every day, but it's so fine it won't stay up for long.

But seriously- this is so cute.

I love me a little punk rocker.

Later dudes & dudettes!


  1. Emerson looks cute in her bathing suit. Who can blame a girl for wanting to sleep in it?

    I like your chart... It sounds a wee bit like your hubby is wanting to get some... Queen Obvious here.

  2. Oh Virginia, they are so adorable. I can't believe how fast Sabriel is growing and developing her personality.

  3. very cute bathing suit!! and Miss Kissy Face is adorable. but you already knew that. and atticus totally rocks!!!

  4. Those are three of the cutest kids I've ever seen! I've never met her, but Emerson looks like one spunky little gal. =)

  5. You have beautiful babies ;)
    Miss ya girl!
    lota luv

  6. 1. There's nothing better than a pink swimming suit with ruffles.

    2. I LOVE faux-hawks!

    3. I scored a ZERO on that abominable test when I took it a few weeks ago. Something's screwed up when you get negative points for wearing red nail polish.

  7. don't lie...you know you called your brother and told him to wear his camo pants!

  8. WAAAAIIIITTT a minute! Is that the Dora the Explorer bathing suit i got her, or did some creep steal my thunder?
    Nevermind, she still looks cute, cause she's my grandaughter.
    See ya this weekend cutie!

  9. your kids are beautiful....your littlest one is too cute!

  10. Wow, Sabriel looks SO different and it's only been like a month since I saw her! LOVE the faux hawk, so giving Ari one tomorrow! Adorable kiddos girl, always!!!

  11. your kids are so stinking cute girl...and i have mason's hair cut into a faux hawk...LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!

    i {heart} punk rockers too...hehehehe

  12. your kids are so stinking cute girl...and i have mason's hair cut into a faux hawk...LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!

    i {heart} punk rockers too...hehehehe


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