My Sunshine Girl

We have had the most nasty last couple of weeks here in Alabama... lots of just cold, rainy, gray grey days. And the next week looks like more rain is coming! I normally love a rainy day but for some reason, this year, it has really affected me. 

I have some adorable sunshiney pictures of my baby girl and combined with the Shine Bright kit (a couple still available!), it has perked me right up. Colors make me happy!

I'm glad I got more of those resin flowers from Noel's shop... I used THREE on this layout!

After I made my layout, I realized- WOOPS! I made a little journaling error.

I fixed it easily by just handwriting some words to highlight and adhering down on top. Easy! 

Did you see this deal on the NoelMignon facebook page? Yeah I thought you might have missed it! 

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