Some scrappy updates

It's been far too long since I've updated my blog! I kind of wonder if people read it anymore? I know my own blog reading has dropped off a lot in the last year or so. I miss it!

I have several layouts to share on here... even if no one is reading this, I love having a place where my life is stored. :) I love to go look at old blog posts and watch my babies grow up.

All these layouts have been made with the NoelMignon kits- who I still design for! I've been so grateful to be a part of the team for so long. It continues to humble me that Noel keeps me around. :) If you haven't stopped by the website lately, we revealed a completely new look to it last week. It looks amazing!


  1. love the she is made of awesome one. so great

  2. Love your style and all your elements. Great layouts as always. See, I'm reading your blog!!

  3. I'm reading it! Put up some vacay photos for nana! LOL!

  4. Virginia, I read your blog and love your work. Your kids are so cute. I love the picture with the girls under the umbrella.

  5. Love these - and love that your blog is about more than just scrapbooking. I just started a blog that has scrapbooking as one element of something I love to do, but a focus on being a stay-at-home mom, my family, my life...basically so much more than just scrapbooking. I'm finding it difficult to find similar blogs. So I hope you don't give up and come back to blogging this way.

    God bless
    Carrie@Northwoods Scrapbook


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