Autumn Owl Mixed Media Art

I've been in the mood- and really have needed- to just play. 

My husband made me these cool wooden canvasses a while back, and this teeny tiny one has been sitting on my desk, waiting for inspiration. My bedroom mantel needed a spot of something fun, so I went with a little owl... because I just love them and they make me happy. 

I decided to free-hand cut her. I could have used a Silhouette file but I really just wanted to play with the gorgeous papers myself. Plus, I like it when things are a little imperfect looking. 

I used all sorts of fun things from the Gather Together kit, including the polka dot stamp strip on the background. 

I think she's so cute, and she definitely brings a bright spot right where I wanted it! 

Make sure to swing by the facebook page to check out the AWESOME contest going on right now too! 

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