First Week of MDO - check!

Having our first week of MDO begin while the rest of my kiddos are out of school definitely lends itself to chaos, but God's been gracious in allowing lots of smooth transitions in the last week (not to mention some kind friends who have taken turns entertaining my bigs while I've been at work for most of the days). The other days they have been willing and great helpers. :) It's a juggling act for a bit, but soon, we will all be in our regular routines... whew. 

I will be posting our daily schedule here for anyone who is interested, but the first few days we have been focusing on our rythms of the day... and what's expected in our classroom. I have to say, this class has been amazing at transitioning into a new year already. I'm so proud of them! 

A favorite activity for the older twos/younger threes during these still hot days of August- a bowl of water, paintbrushes, and chalk. They are entertained for a very long time with this! 

Our My Father's World  curriculum covers the days of Creation during the first month. These are our Day 2 sky/water pictures for our Creation book. We made the clouds by dipping pom poms clipped with a clothespin into white paint. It made a fun cloud shaped paintbrush. :) 

I recently discovered the glue sticks that dry with colors... it makes a fun other medium for the kids to color their pictures with and add texture to. 

I had to do a little rearranging, but this is my now my little art station. I'm hoping to cycle things out here as the kids learn what's allowed and how to use things (with supervision). ;) Hoping to have many happy moments here! 

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