Project Life with Beach Blvd from NoelMignon

Last week I showed y'all the beginning of my Project Life album, and I wanted to show you my "first week" in it. Because I'm starting it in the summer time, my first week is all about the beach trip my husband and I chaperoned with the youth group from church. That means a LOT of pictures and notes! I didn't worry about limiting it to a certain amount of pages- I just wanted to make sure I documented what I wanted to from that week. 

I am really loving doing a mix of page sizes, especially because of the actual size of my album making it feel almost like a "mini album" project. 

I also don't really feel hemmed in by making sure that I have all the pictures oriented the same way. If I don't have the right protector/pocket at the time, just make it work! 

I was really pleased with this little card below and how it turned out. It's a layer of a card, stamping, vellum, and the top of another card. Just fun, simple layering. 

I included my notes from our Bible study sessions inside of the pocket on the top right. 

One of the traditions from the youth beach trip is this big wall of envelopes... everyone writes notes throughout the weeks and puts them in the envelopes. On the way home, you get to read all your notes and it's a sweet way to end the week. Leaders are not excluded from this, so I popped all of our special notes into a pocket page. 

Another thing I'm loving about this size is the ability to customize it- and put things on the outside of the page protectors! Y'all know I love texture and dimension, and this is a great way to add it in without making it over-complicated. 

I loved how perfect this kit was for documenting this week! And now Noel is offering Project Life kits, made just for your Project Life albums! I'll be sharing more about that with you guys very soon! 


  1. This makes my heart smile!

  2. This is so cute Mrs. V! All of you are so beautiful and this book is so sweet for memories you've shared together! Miss you all!

  3. Awesome! Love the size of your PL!


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