End of the year

Today marks the end of my kids' first and second grade years. All of a sudden I feel like they are growing up too fast. If I could freeze time, in some ways I think I'd do it right now. They are all in such good stages.

(Sabby registered for Kindergarten)

(Em's first Girl Scout camporee)

(Atticus' awards day)

(Ariana's end of year craft- oh my heart!) 

I can't freeze time, but I can scrapbook. My creativity time has taken an all time slow down lately, due to my family time taking a major increase. Not a bad reason- I just need to figure out how to balance in a little "me" time. It's harder and harder to find these days. I feel more of a sense of urgency to record all these sweet moments, though. I realized the other day that some of my feelings of routine and being stuck in a rut had to do with the loss of sitting down at night and doing some artful recording of our days. It helped my perspective of life a lot. And I miss it.

Tomorrow marks the last day of my MDO teaching year as well. Goodness me, my class this year has been incredibly precious. I honestly couldn't have asked for a better group of kiddos! They all started out as little two year olds and have grown into funny, independent, kind three year olds. I went to college to get my Elementary Education degree but never wanted to really teach in a "big school" because the whole school politics thing bogs me down tremendously... but teaching preschoolers is so up my alley. I feel like I'm really in the place I'm supposed to be. And on that note, I'm planning on sharing more of our weekly activities and crafts on here through the year. I've struggled the last few months on what to share on here, what to write about... and it is a big part of my life that I think should be added here. :)

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  1. This is so sweet. They grow up so fast. You have beautiful children.


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