This girl. She was given to me to shape me and mold me. Of that I am certain. She reaches parts of me I didn't know existed. 

One moment seems full of grace, like this:

(She started ballet last week with one of the young women from church. She is naturally athletic and has excellent rhythm. I'm excited to see what that may mean for her.)

And then you have moments like this. 

Hey Sabby, can you pose for me for a sec so I can get a few shots of you?

She certainly posed. 

But then I get a few moments like this. It's hard to remember these moments when there are lots, and lots, of the hard ones right now.... but they are very sweet when they do happen. 

Of this, I have no doubt. This girl will never be a wallflower. She has a fire inside of her.

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  1. Angel baby girl. Her way or the highway. I have one of those..,


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