Emerson- as of late.

This year has been more revealing than ever on how much I am raising a mini-me in this one. 

Sometimes raising someone so much like yourself can be really fun. And sometimes it can be really frustrating because neither one of you wants to change your mind on something! 

She's definitely made huge strides past being part of the four "littles." She's so mature and finding her own self. She's sweet, and gentle, and nurturing, and has a corny sense of humor (ahem. Not unlike myself). 

I love this series of shots because we were trying to snap a few quick photo in the yard... and then a neighbor's dog came bounding by.

She kept trying to smile but was clearly concerned that he would come jump on her. 

Whew. He's gone. Hehe

We are trying out Girl Scouts this  year. We have a history of Girl Scouts in our family, so it's really fun to watch another generation be involved! 

My Grams dug up my Mom & Aunt's old Girl Scout uniforms and passed them down to Emerson for a special bridging ceremony we had recently. Emerson got to wear their old Brownie uniform. 

My aunt had one of her membership pins that she wanted to pass onto Emerson, and the troop made a special time for her to present it and pin it on her sash. 

I love that we have this special family history involved in this! 

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