Woohoo! I made it to a second week of What I Wore Wednesday!  I wanted to start this week off with my little one's special outfit this week.

My Sabby loves Spidey and my sweet friend Gina thoughtfully made her this dress. It's the best of both worlds- a twirly skirt but with tomboy flair. We both love it! Check out her facebook page, Baby Fish Designs. She makes all sorts of fun upcycled clothing, for girls, boys, and even dolls!

Tights- Target
Shoes- Target (from a few years ago)

I look exhausted in this pic! Ha! A day running errands, playing with friends, and herding cats. 

Boots- Target
Tights- Target
Dress- Old Navy
Shirt- Old Navy
Scarf- thrifted

I usually pick my clothes based on what colors I'm feeling like wearing. These are my favorite colors and I love this outfit! 

jeans- thrifted (NY&Co.)
shirt- from a friend
cardigan- thrifted
belt- from a friend

accessories- Rue21 (I love their jewelry!)

Church outfit! 

I really liked the color combo of the peach with the jewel tone teal/green. This outfit was really comfy too! 

Dress- Dillards
Boots- Rack Room
Accessories- Rue21

Out for a girly evening:

Jeans- Rockstar jeans from Old Navy
Converse- Target
Shirt- thrifted (Gap)
Cardigan- Target (thrifted)

And lest you think I'm not a normal person, I did have a complete jammy/comfies day. :)

Work outfit- I work with twelve 3 year olds, so comfort is a must, along with not wearing anything I would be heartbroken if it got paint (or worse) on! 

Boots- Target
Jeggings- Target
Dress- thrifted
Cardigan- thrifted (I wore it a lot this week!) 
Purse- Books A Million! 

Thanks for swinging by my blog! You should come play along. It's so fun! 


  1. Love it all! Super cute! I need to know where you thrift shop because you find seriously cute stuff!!!

    1. Aw thanks Lisa! I will do a post about my thrifting soon! :)

  2. hey virginia! just found you on wiww. i LOVE your blog design-did you do it yourself? it's really great!
    wow, you have 4 littles? amazing, i have 3 littles (who aren't so little anymore) i wish i could shrink them back down to the size you have there-they are so fun.
    im really happy to be following ya, please come by and visit me sometime! www.kendrakaypahukoa.blogspot.com
    have a beautiful day!

    1. Hi Kendra! Thanks so much! I didn't do the blog design all myself...i get things here and there to use and cobble them together! :)

      My kiddos are definitely fun and keep me busy! I keep hearing that I will miss this season... it's hard to believe that sometimes when you are in the midst of it though!

      I'll swing by your blog for sure! Thanks for the sweet comments!

  3. OMGosh- you & Sabby are just adorable! {{GIANT HUGS}}

  4. Sabby and you are so adorable, you can wear anything and still look amazing!

  5. Girl you are SOOO cute!!! And I just LOVE your style!!! I'm so longing to be able to find clothes I feel comfortable with myself in (besides my jeans and hoodies. ;) And thanks for the shout out! Sab looks SOOO cute in her BFD Spidey!


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