The unexpected

  • saying the Pledge of Allegiance at an elementary school program
  • hanging up old surfing posters in Atticus' room
  • seeing the Gators play their first game of the season on tv
  • hearing the Beatles 
  • watching the patriotic laser show at Stone Mountain
  • walking into my Grams' house and having Ariana ask when Papa is coming over
  • reading a book about pirates
  • printing off pictures for a school project for the kids
All of those are moments when I was unprepared for the emotion that came over me of losing my dad. I'm sure there will be many more. 

But the sweet part of them is that I am realizing, more and more each day, of what a rich & cool legacy my dad left behind. He was such a cool guy; for all of his brokenness and quirks, he was equally hopeful and complex. 

I'm so glad he was my dad. 

When I was 16, I'm pretty sure my teenage self would not have said that.
But now? After seeing hope and healing and how God can soften hearts and open eyes...

Oh yes. I'm so glad he was my dad. 

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  1. Isn't it funny how it will just hit you out of the blue?? There's one song at church that gets me every.single.time. It has nothing to do with my brother but I think just the way it is sung (we have an awesome singer at church) just gets me thinking...and tearing up. Hopefully each day you will think of your dad with smiles & not too many tears :)


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