Enjoying the last days of summer.

The bigs are back in school, so our days are upside down a little bit now. Slower in the mornings and super busy in the afternoons. It's very easy for me to say "yes" to filling up our mornings with errands, playdates, and good activities. However, for us right now, what is best is being purposeful to saying no. We're all at MDO twice a week, leaving us three other days that quickly get eaten up with other things. For me, planning one morning where we just stay at home and chill out is huge. 

I know I shouldn't, but I have a lot of guilt about this. Saying no doesn't come naturally to me. It's something I am having to practice, and with that, comes saying yes to silliness and restfulness and patience and messiness and stories. It's a good payoff. 

It means stopping being "productive" and sitting and soaking up my nearly-three-year-old making me "dinner" (and doing other pretend things that I didn't understand). 

It means not stressing about her being a complete mess and worrying about getting into the bath and seeing the happiness on this face. 

It means a fully worn out kiddo by bedtime and a little bit more sweetness in our home. 


  1. Awwww such a sweet refreshing post! Adore those photos, what a cutie!

  2. omgoodness- such amazing photos & how lucky is she to have such an amazing Momma! {{GIANT HUGS}}


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