My "Discover Your Scrap Style" class begins this week, and I am so excited to begin. This is one of my favorite subjects to talk about. I love teaching and helping others to feel more confident about what they are doing creatively. Gosh, to me, it's so important to be able to enjoy this hobby and not stress about it and hopefully, this class will help you figure out better how to really express who you are in your projects and spend less time agonizing over how to do things. 

My sweet friend Jana Eubank has taken this class before (crazy. CRAZY.), and this is what she said about it: 

"Virginia's class was a lifesaver for me! As a creative person I can love and appreciate all styles of design, but when it came to defining my own I was lost in creative confusion! Virginia's class helped me to pull my thoughts into focus and think about what really makes me tick creatively. The Design Workbook was a blast to make and the information in Virginia's workshop is something that I refer to time and time again. I no longer waste my money on supplies I know I won't use, or doubt myself as I create projects. I feel confident in my design decisions, because I have finally been able to define my style. Thank you, Virginia!"

She's so sweet! Love you Jana! 

(Shhhh. Here's a peek into my Design File workbook we'll be making!)


If you're interested in taking this class, there are still options for you to take the class! 

Kit + Class: purchase here
(*You can check into the class at any time; you aren't stuck with time constraints.)

Class only: $12.99- just email me at 2blackflipflops at gmail dot com

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