This Week in Pictures.

Just some randomness from this week. It's been a busy week. I kind of wonder if I have subconsciously made ourselves extra busy in order to keep my mind off of Father's Day. I so want to celebrate the awesome daddy my kids have, but there's an ever present shadow over the day too. I'm not quite sure how to balance that.

Anyways, onto the pictures:

Ariana pestering her cousin while she tries to read. What's that, Addison? You can't read with someone jumping on the bed and sometimes landing on you? Sheesh. 

A little peeky at a NoelMignon layout done with the Summer Wind kit. 

Ariana playing mommy with her La La Loopsy doll. 

Me and littlest poolside- she is super afraid of the pool. 

My new yellow purse (from Walmart!) that I embellished with some flowers + dad's hat hanging above. 

Library books- Atticus' on the left, Shaun's on the right. Hmmmm. LOL
 Bass Pro Shops are doing a family summer camp with all sorts of fun, free activities. Every Saturday night they have s'mores at 6pm. It's a fun little activity to end the day with. 

Me and the oldest at a wedding last week. My mini me. :) 

We  have three little girlies in our community group from church who are literally growing up together. Love that so much.

...and some of the big goofballs too. ;) 


  1. Yay I love your photos of your week. I think I may do something like this on my blog too. I like summing up everything we've done with photos.

  2. what a sweet pic of my hubs and the girls! thanks friend. this is lovely. praying for you this weekend-rach

  3. praying for you today and tomorrow dear friend. LOVE the pics btw. Super sweet! looks like y'all are having a fun summer so far!


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