Signs of Summertime (InstaFriday)

life rearranged

(teens from church, out of school for the summer,
 leaving me notes and song lyrics on my chalkboard)

(more playing with toys we love, especially since cleaning out 
the ones that were just "clutter" last week.)

freckled faces and pink cheeks.

(library visits and signing up for the summer reading program!) 


  1. Love your wee ones' freckles! And we are starting to fall in love with Lalaloopsie around here, too. I wish she was around when we were little! We are getting set to clear out the old toys, too, as soon as school's out in two weeks.
    Enjoyed peeking over from Life Rearranged Link-up!

  2. I also love the freckled pink faces! Yay for Summer!

  3. dem's some purty cute freckled faces!! love!!

  4. cute pics. i love the girls ruffle bathing suits where did you get them. oh and you buntting banner on the top of you blog for pinterest, twitter, facebook, email. love love love that


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