Indulgent Mama Alert

My oldest kiddo turns 7 on Monday.


Seven years of the most challenging and beautiful job I've ever been blessed with. 

Seven years of laughing and crying with this girl. 

Seven years of Emmy, Lambie, pink, tiny nail painting, story reading, snuggling, girl time having, giggling, drama, and sweetness. 

Seven years of not knowing WHAT in the world I was doing, and only making it through each moment purely through God's grace and mercy in my life. 

Seven years of sometimes feeling like this is the most difficult thing I've ever done, and then seven years of being brought back to the place of seeing a little face looking to me. 

Seven years of watching this amazing little girl grow- big sister, nurturer, artist, organizer, 
music lover, giggler, watcher, independent, fashionista.

She takes my breath away. Early Happy Birthday to my Em&Em!

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