The Troubadour

I have this whole set of photos of Sabby that just slay me. I definitely wanted to 
preserve some of them in my scrapbooks. I used the Cabin Fever kit from NoelMignon (1 left!) 
because I thought it went well with my little ragamuffin girl. 

That little October Afternoon sticker was the perfect accent! 

Permit me to be a little self indulgent. These pics are by no means perfect technically, 
but I love them. Crazy hair, chocolate face, pjs, messy house and all. 


  1. One of my favorite pics I've ever seen was one I saw in a doctor's office (where Don worked). It was the couple's children and they were all dressed up for Sunday school and they were sitting prettily (a boy and girl) with the proper background and everything, but they were making faces. I loved it! That's a real "kodak" moment to me! LOL! Plus I love to see her being a "guitar girl" (like her nana!)


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