A Random October Saturday

Thank you guys for your comments from my "adieu" post. It meant a lot to me. And I love that the internet is such an amazing tool for joining together people that may have never met in real life, to allow authenticity, and to create friendships & community. It's very cool.

I'm still working on trimming down other areas of my life... saying "No" is a hard thing for me. It's wrapped up in complexity. I don't want to disappoint anyone. For the first time in my life, I'm really learning freedom from that. I won't say it's not without some discomfort in the changes, but the growth feels.... good. :)

Also, I wanted to just make sure I clarify that I don't think judgmentally on anyone else that's doing a lot of things (designing, for example). There are seasons when it has been a really good thing for me; it's just not the best thing for me at the moment. Okay. Done! Enough rambling about it! LOL


Right now it's a lovely, chilly October day. The sun is shining. My oldest has a friend over to play and they are having a lovely girly time. I just put up the groceries and am washing my duvet cover so my bed will be fresh and snuggly tonight. I'm thinking about making taquitos for dinner.

Here's a few pictures from our month so far. It's one of my favorite months of the year. I just love this time.

Me and the little girlies on "orange day" at MDO. (My bangs are driving me crazy in this pic!)

My gorgeous, crazy Sabby... we spend a lot of time together these days. It's good for both of us. I have to remind myself to slow down and just listen to her. I think it's pretty hard to be the 3rd kiddo. 

She makes sure that she gets noticed, no doubt. ;)

And this one wants to do EVERYTHING "Pabby" does. 

She's a priss pot. She has to have a hair bow. She cries for one at nap time and must have one to sleep. She also loves "shooos." 

It's really fun just having the two little ones at home... I feel like I get to slow down a little with them and do little girl stuff.

I get to go on two field trips this week with my bigger kiddos and I'm looking forward to those days with just them. :) Getting the kids one on one can be a challenge, but not impossible, and oh-so-important.


Today is quite the random day on my blog, isn't it?

As I was going through pics, I came across these I took of my Halloween mantle and thought I'd go ahead and share them too.

 Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I can really relate to needing to slow down and take a look at what is most important. I have three teams that I'm on, all manufacturer ones right now, and once the terms are up I am going to give up at least one of those. It is busy being a mom of 4 kids, trying to help out in their classrooms, shuttle kids to/from soccer and gymnastics and whatever else they might have to do, dr. appointments, speech therapy, taking care of things at home, church, serving others there just isn't much left and something has to give. There will always be time to scrap but these children need our precious time and attention now while we can have so much influence over molding their little lives. Being a mom is a hard job but such a blessing, too. You are wise to step back and focus on what is most important right now. I think that if we met in real life we would be great friends.

  2. p.s. one of my friends blogged about the same kind of thing today so I thought I'd share:



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