How I Pack Our Lunches

I know this is a really random post, but I thought you lunch-packers out there might not know about these nifty little containers.

I really like the idea of bento boxes, but since they are sometimes time consuming and/or expensive to put together, I kind of made a scaled down version for my kids. I've been using a Fit & Fresh container for Emerson for a while, but a friend at our MDO introduced me to these boxes, and I promptly ordered four. They make lunch prep super easy! The Fit & Fresh boxes would probably be better for an older child that eats bigger meals. Sometimes I found it hard to fill up the whole thing for her. These Lock & Lock ones are perfect!

One of the features I like about them is that all four sides lock down.. it keeps spilling at a minimum and they are fairly easy for little hands to open up. The only downside is that the little containers on the inside don't reach all the way to the lid, so you wouldn't want to fill them individually with anything sloshy, otherwise it may leak onto the other containers if this isn't kept flat the whole time. 

The inside of this one has four "trays" as they are called in the item description. You can remove them for cleaning or if you needed to customize the box for whatever size of the items you are including. (You could remove two trays and have a longer open area for a hot dog or two sandwich halves stacked or whatnot.)

They are also stain-resistant, BPA free, and dishwasher/microwave safe. I handwash all my dishes and we don't have a microwave, so I can't vouch for that part, but I can say that they are holding up on all other ends really well! 

You can order them here on Amazon for really cheap (and I don't get anything for you clicking on that link, I just wanted to share with my readers!). :)

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  1. The biggest thing I got from this is you don't have a microwave! What?!?! Oh the tragedy! How do you reheat your coffee? Or leftover cold pancakes? Or... nevermind, you get the idea. I could live without DirecTV, I could live without a home phone, I could live without tons of money (ahem), but a microwave????


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