A whirlwind week

We went and got haircuts with our favorite Kari Ann.
I took some family photos of some friends of ours visiting from out of town.
The twins started school. (They're not really twins, that's just what me and the hubs calls them.)
This one's in kindergarten.
And here's our big girl first grader.
We did a LOT of this... many errands run this week, including curriculum night at the school, my parent orientation for my class at MDO, thrift store shopping, going with Kari Ann to a Big Brother casting call, and visiting with friends.
...and I started getting into our new rhythm of just having the little girls
at home with me during the day.

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  1. Virginia!

    I cannot get over how big your kiddos are getting!

    I know we haven't talked in forever, but if and when I ever get around to planning my road trip South Carolina I would love to stop by your house one afternoon. :-)


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