Camp Grandma's!

I promise I didn't completely fall off of the face of the planet... rather, we went to what I've dubbed "Camp Grandma's"!

We went to the drive in to see "Cars 2."
(The kids all fell asleep before it was over. That's what I get for being strict with bedtimes... they are way too used to going to bed early so when we try to stay up late, they can't do it! Oh well!)

Atticus learned how to make hamburgers with Nana & we cooked out.
Goofballs on the 4th of July!
And of course, swimming...
(Atticus was too busy swimming for me to take a pic of him!)
We roasted marshmallows over the fire that I built all by myself, from scratch, for the first time ever (can you tell I'm proud?!!)...

and my 80 year old Grams told ghost stories.

Good times. :)

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