It's summertime!

We made it through our very first year of school.

I'm amazed, to be quite honest.

Em on her first day of school
Em on her last day of school, where she very much
coincidentally wore the same thing she wore on the first day!
I'm thinking about writing up a post about "Things I Learned as the Mom of a Kindergartner," but to be quite honest, I'm not sure if I'm one for giving advice yet. I still feel like a rookie in so many ways.

At least I get another round of it in August with this dude.
I hope his teacher is preparing now for this little charmer. I suspect the stories he brings home from school will be a lot different from Em's.

Next year, I'll just have the two little girls home with me. It'll be quite a change from our last few years. Taking four kids to the store? Nearly impossible and only saved for when I'm desperate to get out or on our last diaper. Three kids was still not easy because Atticus & Sabs would alternate between fighting or being distracted by something on the aisle and me having to round them up constantly. But two kids? Easy peasy. They can both sit in the cart. I have a hand for each child.
I think it'll be good for Sabs especially. She and I struggle. She pushes boundaries like no one I've ever met, and I don't do well with boundaries (hence the reading I'm doing right now of "Boundaries with Kids"). I am hoping and praying that this next year with her will be rich with some good stuff with her. I worry that she feels left out from her bigger siblings sometimes, and that a lot of her days are filled with discipline. I know it's just a season, but man, it's been a loooong season with her. And she's such a cool kid, too. Smart and funny and loves Spiderman and Speed Racer.
And this chickie? Well, she just keeps us entertained. She's the typical baby of the family: loved, adored, squished with a million hugs and kisses a day. She's goofy and always ready for some silliness.

We're ready for a summer of fun. We've already been spending time with some friends and family.

Here they are with my brother (Uncle "Donben" aka Donovan).
They got tattoos just like his. ;)
And with their beloved Aunt Marnie (aka Mallory) on her 20th birthday. When did my LITTLE sister turn 20??!! Makes me feel a little bit old. Ahem.

And me? Well, I'm still doing my creative thing.... spending some much needed "nesting time" around our home, catching up on some projects. I'm planning on painting our kitchen soon and I can't wait.
(oh and in case anyone thinks that my husband ran away from our craziness since I have no pictures of him, he's still here, just sneakily avoiding my camera as always. heheheh)

Just thought I'd give y'all an update on all us peeps. I know it's riveting. ;)


  1. Enjoy that "quiet time" with the two little ones next Fall...but of course not 'til you have a fun-packed Summer with all 4. Congrats to you and your oldest on the completion on Kindergarten!!

  2. Virg, you'll have to let me know how you like that book. We are struggling with one of our kids in a big way and I wonder if that book might help me, too. I am so with you on the 4-kids-to-the-store thing. I avoid it like the plague. Our kids are about the same ages- next year I'll have a kindergartner and a 2nd grader and then a 3 year old and the baby at home. I can handle outings with 2 kids so much better.

  3. Beautiful family. DROP DEAD Gorgeous Mom!
    Feel free to drop my Sabbie by any time. You know I will always take her in.

  4. oh but it is riveting. and cute! :)

  5. love the picture of your kids gathered around your sister--too sweet!
    just had to tell you that from the day my daughter started school, she has always worn the same thing on the first and last day. we always take pictures, of course, and it's cool to see how much she's changed over the course of the school year! she's in 6th grade this year and i didn't think she'd want to do it anymore, but she is humoring me and continuing on with our little tradition!

  6. So, I just had to tell you that your kids are trend setters even from hundreds of miles away! Zeke was standing here while I read this post and when he saw the picture of your brother and kids "tatoos" he said, "I wish I could have stars on my arms too" (so I happily obliged him) and then when his sisters saw they decided they needed hearts on their arms! lol


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