The boy

We have a LOT of pink and ruffles and drama in this house.

But then, we have this guy:
(The bow tie has circles on it, by the way. Polka dots are for girls. Circles are for boys.) ;)
He kind of owns me. It doesn't help that he's such a tender hearted little dude.
Also, he's stylish. In a "boyly" way.
He also leaves little signs of his existence in this house of purses and flowers and bling that just make me smile. Love it.


Like the bow tie? Want one for you little dude? Make sure to check out my friend Morgan's etsy shop. She even named the bow tie after Atticus.

Yeah. I know. Right? :)

(And for what it's worth, I'm not compensated or bribed or held at gun point or anything for this post. I just think it's super duper cute and like to support my fellow crafters!)


  1. Awww! He is so handsome with his circles bow tie! ~Val

  2. He's just too much!! Such a handsome little guy - love the tie!

  3. Oh.My.WORD!!! I'm in love with the picture of gun in the purse. Priceless. (oh, and I totally know what you mean about the boy owning you...um...yeah. That might happen here too. Maybe.)


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