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This week, as we approach Mother's Day, moms are in all of our hearts and thoughts. We're thinking about our own moms, we're thinking about the women that have been like mothers to us, we're thinking about being mothers ourselves.

Mothers are especially on my heart this week as we are recovering from widespread massive destruction in Alabama from tornadoes that ripped through our state last week. There are hundreds and hundreds of families with no homes; mothers trying to comfort and deal with the situations they and their children are in. And there are some who sadly lost their mothers this week.

I'm exceedingly humbled by this situation. Blessed to be able to snuggle with my kids this week, safe in our home.

I pulled out this picture of my daughter Sabriel from the fall, my then two and a half year
old, and poured out my heart about that moment.... the moment all mothers can relate to. When your little one has finally fallen asleep, and quiet reigns in the house for a while; it seems as if in that moment, all the things that motherhood does to your heart kind of collides.
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This is the moment.... when I stop to breathe a sigh of relief, when I finally can hear the silence. The crying and whining and busy-ness and chaos and constant battle have all been hushed away by snuggles and lullabies. I stop seeing tears and angry eyes and pouty lips, and instead see the soft cheeks to kiss, the long lashes covering dreaming eyes, and the gently pursed lips. The stress and worry of being the mama of a 2 year old seems far, far away, and all I feel is the joy and warmth of my heart bursting in love for you. (Fall 2010)

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  1. Wow, I can so relate to this page!! If I send you a picture of Jackson, could you just create a page for me? ;) Beautiful layout and wonderful journaling!


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