A Dino Dude birthday party

We're all about the birthday celebrations this month on the NoelMignon design team... lots of family birthday parties! Jill and I both are posting today about our children's birthdays; Jill with her ADORABLE vintage girly party, and me with a dino dude birthday.

It might not be 100% scrappy, but just using the creative skills you learn by thinking outside of the box in scrapping, can help you in your birthday party planning!

My little guy turned 5, and after much deliberation, we went with a Dino Dude birthday party.

I couldn't go overboard with decorations and accessories, because I was told that wasn't very manly (or boyly, as Atticus says!), but I did what I could!

We gathered up all the dinosaurs in our home and used them to decorate our front porch.
I also made some cute cake toppers out of some die cuts I found at my LSS.
I didn't get a shot of these in action (note to self: HIRE someone to take pictures at the next birthday party!), but I wrapped patterned paper around old formula cans that I saved from when Ariana was on formula, and put pretzel rods and silverware in them.
The dino dudes quite enjoyed themselves.
For party favors, I cut out vinyl from my Silhouette machine in dinosaur shapes and adhered them to plastic cups. The boys also took home compasses and tiny dinosaurs that I found at Michael's.
Dinosaurs love dirt cake, I'm told. I made it more dirt-like by crumbling up a chocolate sheet cake and layering it in a trifle dish with chocolate pudding and crushed oreos... and worms, of course.
We had a plethora of dinosaur books on hand, to look at while waiting for our turn to play a game or two...
The dino dudes dug for wooden, dinosaur bone puzzle pieces (from Michael's for only $2!), along with donning a dinosaur costume and knocking down block towers with their tails. We also hunted for dinosaurs hidden in the yard.
With just a little creativity and a spin on old favorites, we made this party ours! It was so fun!


  1. How 'bout I hire YOU to come throw my girls' parties! You never cease to amaze me! :D And this of course, was fabulous. I'm sure Dino Dude loved his day in the spotlight!

  2. You amaze me, as usual! What a precious party! I might have to borrow some ideas for James' party next year.

    As for hiring someone to photograph the party, trade services with a friend. Jenney and I have been doing that for several years and it works out wonderfully. Of course, I got the better end of the deal being that she's a professional and I'm obviously not!

  3. btw, love the book display!

  4. What a fun party...such great ideas:) Love the book display, too!!!!

  5. Lovely pictures! Fun party!


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