A little lifty

Noel challenged the design team to scraplift one of the message board members, so I picked my sweet friend, Shannon. I loved the design of the layout you can find of hers, here, and I used it for inspiration for this layout of Chunka Munka.

[Er, Ariana.

We have GOT to stop calling her that. Poor thing will be 10 and we'll be still calling her "Chunka." hehe]
I used the glorious "Jump & Jive" kit (10 left!). I'm in love with the colors in this kit. They're not all colors that I normally gravitate towards, but I'm discovering that they are new favorites now. That's the fun in a kit to me- getting my out of my comfort zone from time to time and stretching in new creative areas!
ETA: I just realized I said I didn't naturally gravitate towards these colors, and then I clicked "Publish" and saw that this layout matches my blog background. HA!


  1. love love love love LOVE!!! I forgot to comment earlier, but this is one of my all-time faves! I adore it! :D


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