Spring Break Memories

This is the first year we've had a true spring break; that is, I've got a kiddo in school, so it really was a break from our normal schedule. It was a lot of fun and it was some sweet time together. I'll be honest to say I'm not looking forward to tomorrow morning and getting back into our regular schedule. It was nice to just have our whole day stretching out before us to enjoy together.

Our week started out with some play dates. Atticus went home with the brother of one of these lovely ladies, leaving it to be a girly day. And also, with me getting the BEST PICTURE EVER. (That's Sabby's interpretation of playing dress up, and oh my heavens, do I love it.)
The next day, we went to the McWane Center, a local children's science museum that we love, and happened to run into these loveable guys. (Sabs was too shy to get in the pic. I kind of don't blame her.)
Wednesday morning we spent cleaning up the yard and our front porch since it's time for us to be spending our days out there.
That afternoon, I took some pictures of one of the High School Seniors at our church. I can't wait to share those- but she wants to save them as a surprise for her announcements, so I'll hold off a bit. She was so fun to photograph!

After that, we spent the rest of the week at Gigi's... climbing trees,
playing games,
hugging my Grandpa's tree at the Anniston Museum of Natural History (he used to go walking over there all the time, and he'd always hug this big tree there),
having snacks,
checking out dinosaurs in the museum with my currently obsessed-with-dinos-little-dude,
and just generally having a fun time together. :)


  1. Wow V! They're all getting so darn big. Esp. Em...and she's looking more and more like you (and when did she stop looking ANYTHING like a little toddler?!?!)


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