Em's Birthday Party & a 25 year delay

(Yep, it's gonna be a photo heavy post! But, we all like those, right?)

We had Em's party this weekend. I decided to go low-key this year, and we had a few girls over for an ultra-girly tea party.

I wanted to keep things simple & fun, and being the frugalista that I am, use things we had on hand.
The girls wore their fanciest dress-up dresses. Here they are waiting for the guests to arrive.
For decorations, we used tea pots and cups we already had on hand, Easter M&Ms, and flowers from our yard.
I bought travel sippy cups and cut vinyl decorations with my Silhouette machine as a party favor. I cannot get over how cute cute cute these are!

The girls did mani/pedis, had glitter sprayed in their hair, made flower barrettes, and decorated their cupcakes.
My sis even made a surprise appearance and read them a princess party book from the library.
(Cupcakes were made by my friend Kristy Woodward. However, I don't think she is taking any orders right now; the girl is pregnant with baby number four! I was SO grateful that she made these for Em! They were a huge hit!)
After Christmas, I bought lipgloss stocking stuffers on sale and saved them for the party. They were jumbo sized, with bling & stickers to decorate the tube. So cute!
I found a big roll of Princess coloring pictures at Target and rolled those on top of the table. We put crayons in mini tea pots.
Emerson told me it was the BEST PARTY EVER, which is all I needed to know. :)

There is a new challenge up this week at NoelMignon. I thought that it was fitting to scrap these pics of me as a teeny girl, and Miss Em when she was tiny too. How fast they grow!


  1. the party sounds like it was perfect, love the photos! and the layout, adorable as well!

  2. happy birthday to your little girl!
    i am quite impressed with what u did to make it a frugalistic fancy party!

  3. LOVE love the silhouettes on the cups! What a fantastic idea. . .should be sold on Etsy. ;-) Looks like a fun party!

  4. What a darling party! Happy Birthday to Sweet Em! Your little girls are such princesses! :)
    LOOOOVE the layout with the picture of the two of you! Isn't it crazy to see your own kids do the same things you used to do? :)

  5. YAY for picture heavy posts!!!

    So cute. So so cute. She looks so delighted with everything. Who wouldn't be? You did a beautiful job with everything, simple and perfect.

    Our daughters 4th birthday is coming up in August, her new baby brother or sisiter (baby number 3) just happens to be due the day right before- we're struggling with how we're going to make her day special.

  6. sweetest party for a little girl ever! the sippy cups were brilliant!! love that!! the layout is adorable - makes me want to dig out my baby pics and match them up with cole's!

  7. What a dear sweet party! I don't think you can ever go wrong with a tea party! But your touches were PERFECT! What a fun fun partay! Love that Mal dropped by too! So special! (Oh and that pic with the girls and Shaun--priceless!) Thanks for sharing friend!

  8. Love what you did for the party! Looks like so much fun!

  9. awww...looks like a fabulous fun party! Those travel sippies you made are soo cute!!!

  10. What a sweet party! Love all your personal touches!

  11. looks like a fabulous party!!!!

  12. Great Job the Party Looked Amazing and you always come up with the most creative things!

  13. darling photos & what a wonderful party you guys put together- LOVE it! Happy belated birthday hugs for Em- what a big girl now!

  14. Your baby look really cute, I love her first photo when he was child. I really enjoyed to used your blog, very nice composing.


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