a little funny story

Many of my friends and family come up with nicknames for me. Most call me "Virge," some call me "Virgil," and then there are several other nicknames that get thrown into the mix.

The other day, one of my friends (who has a rather creative nickname for me) picked up the phone to make a call. Her 8 year old son saw her pick up the phone, and said, "Who ya callin'? The Virginator?"

I can only imagine the stories he must tell his teacher. "Oh yeah, my mom's friend, the VIRGINATOR."

Heaven help us. Hehehehehe


  1. I mean, at least you aren't the DE-Virginator. That might be kinda bad.

  2. LOL! :-) Thanks for the good laugh this morning!

  3. I like katie's comment! Sounds like the child who said this has been hanging out at water cooler! LOL!

  4. OK, that was my poor son and I am that water cooler ;) Oops! I asked my husband if I really refered to Virginia as "The Virginater" when the kids were around (because I honestly don't remember doing that) and he said, "Yes, all the time." Can anyone say, "Bad Mom???" Yikes.

  5. oh my garsh!
    this post just totally made my day....lmao!


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