Getting cabin fever...

we've been stuck in the house together for TOO long here. I think we are finally all over the worst of our sickies (I am pretty sure we had the flu- Emerson and I ran temps of 103 for several days in a row), but I am still being cautious as far as being around other folks and exposing them to this mess.

It's been 11 days since I've had a break from the wee ones (to even just run to the store) so my temper's short, they're annoyed with me, and we all just want a break from the monotony.

In a bright spot today, though, I got a package in the mail from Noel and so I thought I'd do a little video of all the contents of one of her kits for you guys.

I will probably cringe and have second thoughts about posting this once I see & hear myself, but alas, I'm sacrificing for the sake of my readers. ;)

So without further procrastination, here's me and the new Sonoma County Kit.

(p.s. Forgot to mention that this kit is missing two pieces of Lily Bee papers; the complete kit will have those in them too.)


  1. This is PERFECT, Virginia!!! Now I can't wait to get my kit even more! Beautiful job showing everything! You're adorable!

  2. That was cute :) I love opening Noel's kits. They're SO fun!!! Can't wait to get this one!! My fave colors, too :)

  3. What a great Video!!!!!! Thanks so much Virginia :)

  4. this was 2 cute! I watched it all so I could crack up when you said Jillibean Stew in a southern voice! lol Thanks, that is a awesome kit!

  5. Great job on the video (and you are a doll!). Looks like a fun kit to get to play with. Enjoy!

  6. So fun! I had to tell you my hubby walked in when I was watching this and made some comment, and I said, "Yeah, it's Virginia." and he said (and was not kidding!) "Oh, I thought she looked familiar." LOL, struck me as very funny and I had to share. Love the kit, thanks for sharing the fun with us! (oh, and the cork things are PP!)

  7. You are so adorable and beautiful! Loved the video!

  8. can you help
    i tried to upload a shabby blogs template on my blog and it's like i have a layout over a layout and i can't remember or maybe dont know how to fix it.

  9. Hi there Virginia,

    I love yout blog, its great and your video is just excellent!! Is really great to see whats in the kis, maybe you should do this every month!! i sure would love to see them before i hop over and get one.

    Have a lovely day, hope you and your family are feeling well now

    Crafty wishes

    Sally :O)

  10. You're such a cutie!! There is sooo much fun stuff in that kit - you've almost convinced me to be a "kit" person. =)


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