This Makes Me Smile

We hardly ever ever ever get photos with our whole family together in it, so this picture is one of my new favorites. The rarity of such a shot makes them that much more cherished to me.

This is our official "Christmas 2009" photo, so I wanted to make sure to scrapbook it- of course!

This is done with the Dear Santa kit from NoelMignon, for a new challenge that will go up today on the challenge blog!

Today we're spending some more time organizing & purging. I've got lots of pics to share with y'all soon- in the last week, the Hubs rearranged the fridge into the kitchen (it was in the laundry room), I painted & made my laundry room look dreamy, I hot glued some curtains for the kitchen a la Nester, I made these, we decorated for Christmas, and most recently, we moved Emerson & Atticus into a room together, and the two little girls into a room together! I don't want to lose this momentum, so I'm hoping to get the kiddos' rooms purged & organized today.

And then maybe take a loooong winter's nap. ;)


  1. awe what precious photos -- look at you all its no wonder you get tired girl! Beautiful layout!

  2. This page is awesome! I hope that you got everything finished today like you wanted!

    It's awesome you are getting so much done.

  3. THis page is amazing!!!! and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look of the blog.

  4. Love your family photos and this layout--the little trees are adorable.

  5. oh, this is a wonderful photo Virginia! I can see why it's one of your favs already. And I love the trees on your LO!


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