I wish...

that the Christmas season was longer, so I could have more time to do everything I would like to do- crafts, decorations, music, stories, snacks, parties... sitting by the fire sipping hot chocolate and enjoying the pretty tree.

Think I'll just make time for that last one for sure. ;)

Seems a little crazy this year- not sure if that's from my inability to say "no" to any one or activity, or the fact that we have four littles (including a newbie), or if it's something else... but I'm forcing us to slow down during this last half of the month. I don't want Christmas to creep up on us in the midst of stress and miss out of the beauty of this time of year.

How do you manage to make this time of year still and calm and peaceful and magical?


  1. I'm still working on the peaceful with midgets...if you figure it out let me know! (although your sweet guy there looks pretty peaceful!)

  2. I'm not really managing it....I feel likethis first half of the month has been a blur...not sure what to do really.

  3. It is hard to slow down enough to enjoy the peace but when you do get to enjoy the sweet peace of the Christmas season you just have to really relish in it because it just doesn't last long enough.

  4. I don't know. If you find out, tell me.

  5. I love the idea of a hot chocolate and sitting near the tree. Something to calm me down and de-stress for a while!!

  6. I think you are so good at juggling all that you have going on at any time in the year!

    Take this with a grain of salt ( esp. since we have recently discussed how stressed out we are with the Christmas season) but two recommendations I have are:
    1 - Especially when your kids get a little older, ask them which traditions are important to them. That way you don't make yourself crazy scheduling activities they don't care about.
    2 - As long as everyone is well, go to church every Sunday in December. I am sure you do that anyway. A lot of times that seems like the only time that I get a chance to catch my breath and focus what the season means to me individually as opposed to our family as a group.


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