Sabriel at (almost) 2

This was made with the beautiful new "Mill Street" kit from NoelMignon! This kit is one of my favorites I've ever had the joy to play with - and I say this as a customer, not just a designer. (Hee- I feel like I'm on one of those commercials for men's hair stuff... crap, what's that called? Total "mom brain" moment right now!)

Anyways, on this particular team, we rotate which kits we are assigned, so there are some months where we have the option of buying the kit. This was one of those months for me... and as I was telling Noel yesterday, I probably should have bought 2, I love it so much! I have so many plans for it... and it's stuffed to the brim:

over 22 patterned papers.

30 different embellishments.

orange. turquoise. glitter. die cuts.

It's beautimous, I tell ya.

(And psst. I think she has just a couple leftover after all the preorders... you might just need to snatch this one up before they are all gone!)


  1. I can't believe Sabriel is 2 already! What a cutie I just love her in that plaid. I adore how you backed the openings in the paper and the mix of things on here! So fun!

  2. Wow, she's 2! Crazy...for some reason I was thinking of her as alot younger than Jackson...but I guess that just shows how fast time flies!


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