This punk...

(Don't even ask me what kind of expression that is. LOL)

has been keeping me awake at night because she has a cold, thus we all must suffer. I feel bad for her, but the sleep deprivation is KILLING me. I've been averaging around 4 hours of sleep a night, if I'm lucky.

I suppose the up-side to this is that once Ariana arrives, I'll already be acclimated to those sleepless nights and groggy days that a newborn brings.


  1. I am loving the outfit!! Sorry you guys aren't sleeping... but you can nap all day on Tues., right??

  2. I think that little punk needs me to pinch her cute little face off :) She is absolutely too cute!!! I hope you get some sleep girly :(

  3. I love (what we call around here) the "fortune cookie ear". TOo cute!

  4. That cute little stinker! Doesn't she know her mama has a big job to do one of these days and needs all the rest she can get?! ;) Awwww. But how can you get angry at a cute little bearded face like that! LOL! What a sweetheart!

  5. Hope you get some sleep too!! That little punk is adorable!!

  6. That little outfit is hilarious!


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